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Littelfuse Launches Its Compact Arc-Flash Relay

Featured Product from Littelfuse, Inc.

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With a depth of only 1.82” (46.23 mm), the compact design can be surface or DIN-rail mounted in the smallest places. This makes it ideal for renewable energy applications such as combiner boxes and inverters, industrial applications including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and variable frequency drives (VFDs), as well as junction boxes and panels where space is limited.

The use of one or two sensors makes the AF0025 series suitable for small or medium-size panels, with onboard or remote reset capability. Since no settings or computer are needed for setup, this arc-flash relay is quick and easy to install.

Additional AF0025 arc-flash relay features include:

  • Fixed light sensitivity which does not require adjustments during installation
  • Internal fail-safe design providing redundant solid-state circuitry
  • Selectable fail-safe and non-fail-safe operation so trip output can be configured to work with shunt-trip or undervoltage-trip devices for added flexibility
  • Error output confirmation to indicate if arc-flash is experiencing an error or is actively providing protection
  • Conformal coating to protect product from harmful environmental conditions