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New ADR Battery Disconnect Switch

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ADR Magnetic Battery Disconnect Switch Datasheet IT

ADR Magnetic Battery Disconnect Switch Series - ADR Magnetic Battery Disconnect Switch
The ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier) Battery Disconnect Switch is a bistable/magnetic, current isolating switch designed for dangerous goods carriage vehicles. Its ON-OFF position is different than traditional current isolating switches. It uses a minimum current when it is turned on and zero when is off. The “magnetic ON-OFF position” absorbs current only during the commuting phase: when switched from (OFF) to (ON) and vice versa. Generally referred as “bistable with zero consumption”, the switch connects/disconnects the electric circuit to/from the battery. One P/N can be utilized for both 12V and 24V. The ADR Battery Disconnect Switch is a positive disconnection switch available either as a base unit or complete kit with ATEX compliant chassis switch, cabin toggle switch, switch protection cover, and harnesses.

08075300 - ADR Battery Disconnect Switch Complete Kit. The kit includes all the below part numbers 08075360 - ADR Battery Disconnect Switch 00227073 - Chassis Switch ATEX Compliant w/Cover 00901560 - Cabin Toggle Switch ATEX w/Red Silicon Cover 00900560 - Switch Protection Cover 00712600 - 7-Way DIN Harness 00712500 - 4-Way DIN Harness

The ADR Disconnect Switch can also be used for non-ADR applications that can utilize a programmable disconnect time delay (between 1 sec. and 1 hour). ADR applications are required to break circuit within 10 sec. of activation.

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