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Shock Block 5000 - Stainless Steel Enclosure

Featured Product from Littelfuse, Inc.

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In food and beverage processing, the combination of a wet environment, stainless steel equipment and conductive surfaces creates a situation where shock is more likely to occur. The NEC 210.8[B] code requires GFCI protection for any plug and cord equipment that is 208 V, 3-phase and 100 A or below. Plug-in equipment such as dryers, mixers, cutting equipment, and conveyers fall into this category and must be protected with a GFCI. The Littelfuse SB5000 will meet this code requirement for your facility, but the protection doesn’t stop at 208 V. The Littelfuse Shock Block is also offered as special-purpose GFCI (SPGFCI) protection all the way up to 600 V—personnel protection for all situations.