Photoelectric Sensor for Automated Quality Control

Featured Product from Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.

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Locon Sensors supplies a series of miniature photoelectric sensors that can monitor and maintain your operation, especially in highly controlled food processing and packaging facilities. These sensors can track products to make sure that they’re properly oriented and prepared for the next step in the process. Photoelectric sensors can also be used to dynamically adjust conveyer speeds so that the flow of product downstream remains consistent and dependable. When properly integrated into your operation’s equipment, photoelectric sensors can effectively act as a fast, responsive, automated quality control team.

Want to learn more about how photoelectric sensors can benefit your business’ operations, then be sure to contact Locon Sensor Systems today and we’ll put you in touch with one of our expert engineers. Locon Sensors is an authorized distributor for Contrinex product. Check out this helpful demonstration video introducing a new miniature photo eye series suitable for wash-down: