Mechanical Cable and Wire Rope

Product Announcement from Loos & Co., Inc.

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Commercial quality "aircraft" grade cable and wire rope are mechanical devices consisting of multiple wires or strands, helically wound or laid about an axis. They are made from ferrous or non-ferrous drawn wire and are available in a range of strand, cores and constructions. They are classified by grades and types of constructions. The grades are based on the tensile strength and abrasion resistance of the wire used and on the tensile strength of the finished wire rope or cable.

When it comes to Wire Rope and Mechanical Cable Loos & Co Inc offers manufacturing integration for consistent high quality.

We do everything except make our own steel! We draw our own wire from rod, strand our own component strands, close our own cable and wire rope, extrude plastic jackets over our cable and wire rope, manufacture our own fittings and hardware at our Cableware division, and put all the parts together for your specific needs in your custom designed assembly.

Design Fundamentals
Loos & Co. manufactures all constructions of strand, cable and wire rope up to 1.25" in diameter with breaking strengths of less than 10 pounds to over 100,000 pounds. We make sure you've got the right strand, cable or wire rope for your requirements.

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