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Lowell’s Legacy of Women in the Industry

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Lowell Corporation boasts a decade’s long legacy to empowering women in industry. Lowell has long recognized that women are a powerful asset to a historically male-dominated industry. For decades, Lowell Corporation has thrived under the leadership of many women, starting with Mrs. Anna Greene.

Following the passing of John S. Dodge in 1952, Anna Greene was appointed to the general manager of Lowell Corporation. Prior to this Anna worked alongside John as the assistant general manager and vice president. It was during this time that Anna worked to drastically improve nearly every facet of the business.

She worked with John on several successful projects including machine modernization, sales development, and made significant improvements in the bookkeeping system. Her success continued during her tenure as the Lowell Corporation general manager as she expanded partnership efforts, effectively attracting many new valuable customers. Anna Greene is just one example of how Lowell Corporation has stayed committed to progressing women’s inclusion and influence in the manufacturing industry.

Today, Lowell Corporation continues to invest in women in and fosters a growing workforce of women leaders. Lowell is partnered with ISA Women in the Industry as a network that expands education and opportunities for women in many industrialized industries. After all these decades, Lowell Corporation continues to represent a beacon of opportunity for women to lead in the manufacturing and industrial industries.