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Lowell Corporation and Linemen’s Supply have been partners since the very beginning. In fact, Linemen’s Supply has one of the earliest created customer numbers in Lowell’s modern day customer relationship management software. With a history dating back decades, Linemen’s Supply and Lowell Corporation have worked together to fuel each other’s mutual growth throughout the years. Linemen’s Supply was founded in 1948 in Binghamton, New York. Although Lowell Corporation was founded nearly 100 years earlier in Worcester, Massachusetts, the companies still share a number of similar core values.

Both Lowell Corporation and Linemen’s Supply consistently demonstrate an inexhaustible commitment to customer service. Providing a product that will fulfill a customer’s needs is only half of the battle when pursuing complete customer satisfaction. The other half is providing services which result in added value for the customer. Services like drop shipping directly to end-users is one of those aspects that keeps customers satisfied knowing that they received a quality product through efficient means. Providing efficient value-added services translates into extra cost savings for the customer. Lowell and Linemen’s Supply have worked together for years to formulate a business model that accommodates the needs of their customers.

Linemen’s Supply has always been more than just a distributor to Lowell, they have been an advocate, a supporter, and an inspiration for Lowell to remain true to its roots. As a fellow small business based in the Northeast, Linemen’s Supply has always stood behind Lowell as an 100% Made-in-the-USA manufacturer and continues to attest to the quality of Lowell’s locally made products. The entire team at Linemen’s Supply is always dedicated to directing customers to Lowell’s superior and dependable products over cheap overseas substitutes. Furthermore, the Linemen’s Supply sales team doesn’t just sell the Lowell product line but they learn the features, specifications, and benefits of each tool so that they can provide customers with a product that will work best for their job.

Linemen’s Supply and Lowell Corporation are similar because both companies do more than just offer tools to the high line industry. Both companies are highly involved with a number of different associations that work to back and unite utility professionals by supporting, sponsoring, and enhancing their knowledge, capabilities, and voice within the industry. Affiliating with organizations like the Northeast Public Power Association helps Linemen’s Supply and Lowell support line workers through several unique approaches. Maintaining a robust and constructive relationship between Linemen’s Supply and Lowell Corporation is important to achieving the common goal of supplying electrical utility professionals with the highest quality products available in the marketplace. It’s no surprise that Linemen’s Supply and Lowell’s decades long relationship has resulted in such positive impacts for high line professionals and the industry as a whole.

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