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A Partnership To Be Proud Of: J.L. Matthews

Featured Product from Lowell Corporation

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Lowell Corporation is honored to be chosen as J.L. Matthews’ Featured Partner! At Lowell Corporation we never underestimate the strength of an enthusiastic relationship between a manufacturer and their distributors. We enjoy working closely with our distributors to maintain transparency and strengthen our distributors’ knowledge and expertise on behalf of our products. It is important to recognize how dedicated J.L. Matthews has been in training their sales and customer service staff on Lowell’s products and promotions during the decades of our successful partnership.

J.L. Matthews also shares a number of notable similarities that resonates with Lowell Corporation. At Lowell we are always looking to support small family owned businesses as we are one ourselves. J.L. Matthews shares a similar history as Lowell Corporation, as they are a 4th generation family-owned and operated business founded in 1946. Another similarity is that J.L. Matthews has also welcomed many women into the industry and has assisted in ascending women into leading management roles throughout the company.

The business was founded on the approach that the customer always comes first, and they continue to pass value onto their customers as derived from their robust partnerships with manufacturers like Lowell Corporation. We are privileged to be a part of J.L. Matthews’ mission in always pleasing the customer first. It has long been a goal of Lowell Corporation to provide our customers with only the highest quality, 100% made in the USA tools, that they too can feel proud of.

J.L. Matthews’ commitment to providing profound product knowledge and training staff on the intricacies of Lowell tools showcases why J.L. Matthews is a partner that will go above and beyond to get your products in the hands of the people who need them. With so many similarities and common goals, working with J.L. Matthews as one of our primary distribution partners has been and continues to be fulfilling and prosperous. Find our tool collection at J.L. Matthews’s website! https://jlmatthews.com/collections/lowell


The Best Power Lineman Tools Since 1869

Lowell Corporation offers the best hand tools in the industry. Whether you need a strap wrench or a socket wrench set, you’ll want the right balance between cost and efficiency. Our custom hand tools make tough jobs easier for waterworks engineers and highline workers.

We’ve been increasing construction, maintenance, and manufacturing productivity since 1869. So let our American wrench sets simplify your workload. With our essential highline tools, you get the backing of the most trusted name in the hand tool industry.

Lowell Corporation is proud to manufacture all of our lineman tools right here in the USA in the heart of New England. All Lowell lineman speed wrenches are 100% guaranteed with our one-year manufacturer warranty against defects in material and craft for one year from delivery.

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