Lowell T-Handle Torque Wrench

Featured Product from Lowell Corporation

Lowell T-Torkers (T-T) make it easy to tighten fasteners to the proper torque setting. Each wrench is preset to a specific torque so when maximum torque is reached during the tightening process, the wrench will slip to prevent overrunning. Presets cannot be user-modified.

The Model T-T can be ordered with either a 5/16" hex and an 60 lb-in torque setting or a 3/8" hex with a 80 lb-in torque setting.  The most common use for this model is installing “No-Hub” soil pipe couplings.

The Model T-M has a 1/4" square male shaft end to fit any standard hex socket or bit.  The model TM torque setting can be set anywhere between 5 and 80 lb-in. 

Both tools have all metal parts to ensure high durability.  Torque settings are preset at the factory to a specified value. Upon reaching the specified torque value, the tools automatically slip and reset to prevent over tightening.  Designed to be comfortable in your hand the T-handle creates effective leverage for fast, easy one-handed tightening in the right hand direction.  The preset torque values are accurate to ±10%. The flanged collar can be easily pulled to disengage the ratchet mechanism and lock the tool for effective reversing action, without torque limitation. All mechanisms are sealed in the die-cast handle and lubricated for the lifetime of the tools.