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Roller Clutches and Sprockets

Featured Product from Lowell Corporation

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A cam and ring assembly gives machinery extreme reliability at a low cost. The cam’s roller ramps allow freewheeling in one direction and lock-up in the reverse direction. The cam and ring is the basic component of a one-way sprocket, overrunning clutch, roller arm, or as an add-on component for any design. 

Economical to buy, easy to apply and simple to use, roller clutches offer compact design, rugged features, and economical motion control. They can be used as a backstop clutch when mounted on a stationary shaft.  The roller clutch's roller ramp cam enables the one way roller clutch to free wheel in one direction and lock-up in the reverse direction.

 The roller arm clutch, or indexing clutch, facilitates rotary arm actuation or backstop clutch applications. When indexing, the clutch’s infinite number of potential engagement points offer the ultimate flexibility in any application.  The roller ramp design allows these freewheeling clutches to spin up to 1,800 RPM's with no thermal breakdown. Our overrunning clutches are manufactured in standard bore sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2-3/4".

 The simple construction of these clutch allow them to excel in a number of applications:

  • An indexing element in sewing machines, printing presses and agricultural machinery
  • An overrunning clutch for starters, ventilators and turbines
  • A backstop for drilling plants, conveyors and electric motor applications
  • A switchback or disconnection device for amusement park rides

For applications demanding high precision motion control
Simple, rugged construction of Lowell roller clutches make them easy to integrate into a variety of new machine designs and plant operation retrofits. Applications include to protect equipment and material, to select speed or power source, to produce or alter motion, and to prevent motion.

  • Four types of assembly:
    • One Way Sprocket
    • Cam & Ring
    • Overrunning Clutch
    • Roller/Ratchet Arm
  • Torque capacity normally limited only by the contact stresses between the parts
  • Standard keyways are per ANSI/ASME B17.1
  • Lubrication recommended after every 1200 hours of operation
  • Custom models available
  • 100% made in USA

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