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Lowell Corporation takes pride in manufacturing only the highest quality, 100% made in America tools and components. If you are a design engineer, you probably spend a good amount of your time searching for products to integrate into various applications during your design process. Lowell wrenches, clutches, specialty tools, and clamps are the standard in many critical utility, industrial and military applications. Lowell Corporation offers a large array of tools to help bring your design to fruition.

Lowell Corporation machine components and devices make tough jobs easier for design engineers. All our ratchet arms and clutches provide reliable, economical machinery control without external power sources. These ratcheting clutches are perfect for many functions such as positioning, opening and closing, speed regulation, and feeding.

Are you designing an assembly line that needs a handle to deliver controls? Think about incorporating one of Lowell’s ratcheting crank handles that can perform many adjustments including cross feed, rise and fall, gib and quill, positioning screw, or clamping. Maybe you’re designing machines for an oil refinery plant. Consider how our observation windows are used to provide a clear view of gears, lube level, couplings, chains or switches in sealed or oil immersed areas. Perhaps a company needs your engineering skills to design a mechanism that allows multiple users to apply torque simultaneously to engage a machine’s gears. Reflect on how a double handle ratchet arm may be a part of the solution.

In some instances, our standard components seem like a good solution, but the specifications are not quite ideal, we can help customize the device to meet your needs. If you need more or less teeth on a gear, Lowell can accommodate you. If you need a mechanical ratchet clutch in a free running neutral position, we are happy to customize your part to meet your specific needs. We can even accommodate more complex customizations like using exotic materials or a completely new design. Contact us today to discuss how Lowell Corporation can assist you in making your tough engineering job easier!

For the name of a distributor, more information about Lowell tools, or a full-line catalog, call 800-456-9355 or 508-835-2900, visit www.lowellcorp.com, or email customerservice@lowellcorp.com. Want to take a closer look at our industrial OEM & MROP tools and components? Check out the options on our website today! https://lowellcorp.com/product-category/industrial-oem/