Brazing Preform Rings & Custom Capabilities

Product Announcement from Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions

Custom Shaping & Capabilities

Our complete offering of products and services enables us to be totally objective about your needs. We recommend what is best for you and your applications, rather than how it fits our product mix. This technically orientated approach to metal joining assures savings and quality on every joint you produce. Manufacturing excellence is the starting point for all we do.


Our skilled machine operators slit strip to widths from 6" down to .062" (152.4mm to 1.57mm) and package the material on either spools or coils, depending upon your needs and production requirements.


With our extensive inventory of dies, we can respond quickly to your needs. We have over 4,000 dies available for top-quality stamped parts. We also have the ability to produce custom dies for your application. Our craftsmen produce simple, compound or progressive dies, utilizing high precision equipment to manufacture washers, discs, perforated strip and irregular configurations.

Strip Rolling

We have the ability to roll your strip thicknesses not available directly from the mills. This customized service can yield strip in widths up to 6" (152.4mm) and thicknesses down to .001" (.025mm).

Wire Drawing & Flattening

Carbide and diamond dies produce wire diameters from .187" to .005" (4.75mm to .127mm). The ability to draw wire enables us to provide the optimal size filler metal for incorporation into your assemblies. You do not need to waste money and material by brazing with stock sizes of material that may be too large for your assembly. Drawing also yields round, square, half round, rectangular or unusual cross sections.

Wire Preform Rings

Manufactured by high speed machines, rings maintain a true radius and may be partial turn, full turn or multiple turn. Rings inside diameter can range from 12" down to .040" and wire diameters from .125" to .008".