Filler Metals; General to Critical Applications

Product Announcement from Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions

Brazing Filler Metals

Lucas-Milhaupt supplies a wide variety of brazing and soldering silver filler metals, gold filler metals, palladium, copper filler metals, nickel filler metals and aluminum based filler metals. Our comprehensive inventory of alloys and forms includes Handy One® family of silver and aluminum flux-cored brazing alloys and high-purity vacuum tube grade (VTG) alloys for critical joining applications.


VTG/High Purity Silver, Gold, Palladium

High Purity/VTG Alloys for Electron Devices

Our alloys are vacuum-grade filler metals that have their compositions specifically controlled to fabricate joints exposed to high vacuum on electron devices. These alloys must be brazed in high purity atmosphere or vacuum. Premabraze® alloys consist of only certified "pure" materials, this metal is vacuum melted and cast to insure cleanliness.

Premabraze® Alloys use the Purest and Cleanest Metal Grades

Lucas-Milhaupt's pure metals are vacuum processed to ensure material cleanliness.Conformance to specification is assured by chemical analysis and other performance requirements. Several grades of these materials are available, from 3 nines (.999) to 5 nines (.99999) pure.

Silver-Based Cadmium-Free Filler Metals

These alloys are low-temperature, free-flowing filler metals for joining similar and dissimilar metals (i.e. copper to steel). They produce very strong, ductile joints and are safe because they are cadmium-free.

Cadmium-Free Silver Brazing Filler Metals Available Materials

Lucas-Milhaupt offers numerous material compositions for general purpose and specialty applications. The Braze family of alloys is available in: