Handy One General Purpose Silver Braze Materials

Product Announcement from Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions

HANDY ONE® is a flux-cored brazing material that offers numerous advantages compared to traditional metal-joining methods. It consists of a filler metal in strip form that is rolled around a powdered flux. Where a silver-bearing product is required, HANDY ONE® offers several flux options; each of which is specifically designed to exhibit a different performance characteristic.

Benefits and Advantages Flux-Cored Silver Braze

Some of these qualities include a restrictive flow, a fast flow, a non-spattering flux (for fast heating cycles), and a boron modified flux for extended heating cycles. Products are available in rod, wire and preform rings.

Some of the primary advantages of HANDY ONE® cored wire include:

  • It simplifies the brazing process by eliminating the manual fluxing operation; this also reduces flux exposure to your brazing personnel.
  • Joint quality and throughput can be improved due to the consistent application of flux and filler metal.
  • Reduces heating time and secondary post braze operations, increasing productivity and throughput.
  • Improved strength due to a reduction in flux inclusions at the joint interface.
  • Reduces the flux in your wastewater effluent by as much as 75%.
  • Multiple formulations exist for a variety of base metals, joint designs and heating methods.

Lucas-Milhaupt has several different fluxes available depending upon the material form (wire or preformed shape) as well as base metals and heating methods utilized.

  • Restrictive Flux - protects the parts being joined, yet restricts the flow of the filler metal, enabling the building of fillets and minimizing post braze secondary operations. This flux is recommended for most hand feed or wire feed applications. Flux content is typically 12% (+- 3%) of the total volume.
  • Free Flowing Flux - This very fluid flux provides excellent protection of your parts and facilitates filler metal flow. Recommended for preformed ring applications, it is typically 18% (+- 3%) of the total volume.
  • Heat Resistant Flux - Boron modified flux for large mass assemblies or long heating cycles. It is also typically 18% (+- 3%) of the total volume and also recommended for preformed ring applications.