LumaSense Introduces Quasar 2 for Flare Stacks

Featured Product from LumaSense Technologies, Inc., An Advance Energy Company

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. introduces the next generation Quasar 2 M8100-EXP monitoring and detection instrument for continuous duty monitoring of pilot flame and flared gases from flares.

Safe flare operation and environmental protection requires reliable and accurate flare pilot monitoring. Typically, flare pilots are monitored with thermocouples, but these often fail due to thermal shock, extreme heat, and vibrations during flaring events. Additional methods, such as non-contact pilot monitoring, are common in the industry to outlast the life of failed thermocouples.

The E2T Quasar 2 series instruments are monitoring and detection instruments designed for continuous duty monitoring of pilot flame and flared gases from flares. The base system provides low-cost basic flare pilot monitoring capabilities. The advanced model has an intensity mA output that allow for a setpoint mA level to be set in a client’s DCS for both the pilot and flaring status signals from the same unit. Additional add-on features are available for a configurable product to meet a wide range of client flare types, monitoring requirements and budget.

“This new product offers a new stainless-steel enclosure for reduced corrosion and increased suitability for marine applications,” explained David Ducharme, E2T Product Manager. Two models are available Quasar 2 M8100-EXP and Quasar 2 M8100-EXP Advanced. Scalable options are available with the advanced version and include continuous 4-20 mA, peak hold and decay, and power supply with 85 to 265 VAC input.
With installations at over 550 petrochemical facilities worldwide, customers know they can trust the LumaSense E²T line of petrochemical infrared sensors.

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