Lm11059 11 Megapixel High Resolution Camera

Product Announcement from Lumenera Corporation

High Resolution CCD Sensor with Global Shutter

Lumenera’s progressive scan Lm11059 digital camera is built for rugged 24/7 use. A proven high resolution 35 mm large format CCD sensor with a fully global electronic shutter captures excellent quality, high-speed images with zero chance of blur. Completely integrated Canon EF lens controller offers increased longevity and durability.

High Quality Images for Difficult Lighting Environments

The high quality CCD sensor provides both monochrome and vivid color images for the most demanding environments. Full streaming uncompressed video and still image captures are easily controlled through a set of stable and reliable USB device drivers. Region of interest and binning modes allow the camera to run at faster frame rates while only providing the image data you need. Image capture synchronization is achievable using either a hardware or software trigger and is complemented by 32 MB of on board memory for frame buffering to ensure image delivery.

Plug n’ Play with No Framegrabber

The light weight design of the Lm11059, measuring 76.2 x 76.2 x 82.6 mm, ensures easy integration into tight spaces and enclosures. The fully locking USB 2.0 cabling, power connector and digital interface ensure a simple plug-and-play installation. No framegrabber is required. Simplified I/O cabling is provided through a locking Hirose connector supporting 2 output, 2 input and 2 software configurable I/O ports.

Maximize Camera Performance Within Your Own Application

The Lumenera Camera SDK provides a full suite of features and functions that allow you to maximize the camera’s performance within your own vision application. The SDK is compatible with all of our USB and GigE-based cameras. Microsoft DirectX/DirectShow, Windows API and .NET API interfaces are provided, allowing you the choice of application development environments from C/C++ to VB.NET or C#.NET. Full inline IntelliSense autocompletion and documentation is provided with the .NET API interface and is accompanied by a full API manual describing all camera functions and properties.

Product Highlights

  • High color accuracy
  • 4008 x 2672 resolution (10.7 million pixels) for fine attention to details
  • Selectable 14-bit ADC allowing more quantitative image analysis
  • Proven, high quality Kodak KAI-11002 CCD sensor for excellent sensitivity and color reproduction
  • Fully locking connectors including Hirose GPI/O connectors
  • Integrated Canon bayonet mount and lens controller

Ordering Options

  • Lm11059C — 10.7 Megapixel Enclosed Color Camera
  • Lm11059M — 10.7 Megapixel Enclosed Monochrome Camera
  • LuSDKSW — Software Developer’s Kit (Web Download)
  • LuSDK-DVD — Software Developer’s Kit (DVD)

Technical Specifications

Image SensorKodak KIA-11002, CCD, Color or Mono, progressive scan
Optical Format9.0 x 9.0 µm
Frame Rate4.3 fps at full resolution
13.7 fps at 640 x 480 (with ROI)
Auto ExposureManual and automatic control
White BalanceManual and automatic control
Dynamic Range66 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D)76.2 x 76.2 x 82.6 mm
3.0 x 3.0 x 3.25 inch
Mass~850 g
Power RequirementLocking 12 V DC power supply (included)
Power Consumption6 W
Operating Temperature0 to 50°C
Operating Humidity5 to 95%, Non-condensing
Data InterfaceUSB 2.0, locking connector
Lens Mount (Lens not included)Canon EF mount