Lumetrics, Inc. Creates OptiGauge™

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Lumetrics, Inc. Creates OptiGauge™ Family of Measurement Systems

Lumetrics®, Inc., the leading manufacturer of measurement technology for the medical and ophthalmic industries has developed several new products utilizing their OptiGauge™ technology. With their extensive optical design capabilities, Lumetrics® was able to add three new products- the OptiGauge SLS™, the OptiGauge EMS™, and the OptiGauge MLS™ to its measurement system family.

The OptiGauge SLS™- offers the basic functionality of the OptiGauge™ yet is tailored to meet the requirements of customers that do not necessarily need all the features of the standard system. The system displays a single layer thickness measurement while still providing the complete graphical display so that the operator can correctly measure the single layer of interest. The OptiGauge SLS™ offers our customers a new economical price point to enjoy the benefits of the OptiGauge™.

The OptiGauge EMS™ is tailored to those customers that require a measurement system for thicker materials. For thick glass up to 30mm or for medical balloons that may have diameters as large as 50mm, the OptiGauge EMS™ provides them the platform to make all their measurements. The OptiGauge EMS™ has the same functionality as the standard OptiGauge MLS™ but with a larger stretch capability, and slower acquisition speeds.

The OptiGauge MLS™ has the same precision and accuracy as our traditional OptiGauge™ but runs on the new Windows 7 platform and a low profile controller. The OptiGauge MLS™ still provides 50-200 samples per second, of any translucent material between 12 microns and 15mm thick, at an accuracy of 0.1 micron.

Lumetrics has seen continuous growth in recent years especially in the medical and ophthalmics industry. The new OptiGauge™ products support those industries but also open a new market for Lumetrics products.

About Us

Lumetrics develops and manufactures high precision thickness measurement and gauging systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Started in 2002 and based in Rochester NY, the company licensed thin film measurement technology from Eastman Kodak and created OptiGauge, a new approach to non-contact optical measurement of multi-layer materials that is fast, accurate, flexible, and scalable to almost any QA laboratory or manufacturing operation.

Lumetrics' OptiGauge is ideal for measurement of a wide range of materials, including:

  • Flat films and roll stock
  • Tubing, including catheters, dimension stock, capillary tubes, and angioplasty balloons
  • Glass products such as automotive windows, float glass, optical flats and windows, and ampoules
  • Ophthalmics, contact lenses, spherical and aspherical single and multiple-layer components

OptiGauge systems are in daily use at Fortune 500 companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, food packaging, eye-care products and coatings industries.

In June 2012, Lumetrics® completed the acquisition of key assets of the former WaveFront Sciences Company from Abbott. This business transaction allows Lumetrics to expand its repertoire of services and grow its business substantially. Two of the three new assets help Lumetrics® in one of its main areas of business - that of assisting lens-makers with quality control. The new assets include the ClearWave and CrystalWave products, critical in the ophthalmics industry for the production of contact lenses and intraocular lenses. With these acquisitions, Lumetrics® is able to help contact lens makers and lens-implant makers reach unprecedented levels of precision. The ultimate goal is to help manufacturers produce consistently clear, comfortable, and reliable contact and intra-ocular (IOL) lenses.

With a third product, the CLAS-2D sensor, Lumetrics® has the ability to monitor quality in several new arenas, most notably that of laser light. The sensor can measure, align, and direct laser light, allowing Lumetrics to work with everything from microscopic optics to satellite communications.


OptiGauge operates on the principle of interferometry, the interaction of reflected light from materials with slightly different Indices of Refraction.

By detecting the slight changes between layers or materials, OptiGauge can quickly and accurately measure the changes between boundaries and generate measurement results with an accuracy of .00004".

The optical probe directs invisible 1310nm infrared light through transparent, translucent or colored materials and sends reflections from each internal surface through the control module to the PC, where highly advanced software provides instant analysis in an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

View an animation illustrating this process.

OptiGauge can measure many different shapes and topographies, simultaneously supporting multiple probes that can be positioned thousands of feet away from each other.

Uses light reflections from translucent materials to provide accuracies of 0.1 micron

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