The TeraMetrix T-Ray 5000 SPG single point gauge

Featured Product from Luna Innovations

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The modular nature of the measurement tool allows either straight-on or right-angle measurement tips.  The measurement is fundamentally non-contact, but for hand-held use, a measurement tip is used to aid the user in positioning the object at the focus of the THz beam.  An easy to use touchscreen display allows selection of measurement configuration and mode of operation.

The SPG5201 is compatible with any of the intelligent T-Ray 5000 Terahertz Control Units (TCU).  The TCU52yn uses VGA and USB ports to allow an external monitor and keyboard to be attached if desired. The Controller comprises the short pulse laser, time delay rail, and data collection electronics and high speed processor required for a high performance terahertz system.  With a waveform acquisition time of 10ms, rapid layer thickness measurements can be made reliably.