Instrument for Ultrasonic Pulse velocity

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SONIC15 is a device for non Destructive Tests with ultrasonic pulse velocity and sonic tests on masonry through instrumented hammer. It also supports expansion for surveys on foundation piles with P.I.T. methodology. In spite of compact dimension of the unit, there is a wide monitor of 7'' with integrated touch screen which allows to use it on site in immediate and effective way.
Waves acquisition and visualization parameters could be easily changed in simple and immediate way through touch screen, in order to allow on site first checking of recorded data. SONIC15 can be used, according to configurations, for surveys both on cement and concrete elements such as diaphrams poles or structural elements both on masonry structures. According to different kind of performed tests, just connect to instrument necessary accessories as different kind of ultrasonic probes or impulsive instrumented or not instrumented sources for impact tests.
SONIC15 instrument together with the new Controls digital sclerometer can be used for Sonreb tests.



- CPU:CortexA8 @ 1 GHz, RAM 500 MB, Flash 1GB memory
- Display: LCD capacitive 7" TFT
- Normative compliance: ASTM C597-09 e UNI En 12504-4
- Graphic visualization of acquired signal
- Interactive graphics with zoom functions and cursor reading
- Automatic zoom on cursor or on a temporal set up window
- Possibility of modifying acquisition parameters while measuring
- Inner lithium battery of 13Ah
- Rechargeable by micro USB 2.0 type-B connector
- Consumption: 1,1A @ 5 V
- Operating temperature: 0-60°
- Sizes and weight: 220x180x60 mm, 0.8 Kg


- Signal range: ±2.5 V
- Amplification factors: x1, x2, x4, x5, x8, x10, x16, x32
- Generator with two levels of power: normal, high
- Band width: 200 kHz
- Filter for ultra-sounds: central frequency 50 kHz
- Mode: manual (with push-button or hammer control) or automatic (with timing)