Very High Resolution Electric Tomography

Featured Product from M.A.E. Apparecchiature Elettroniche srl

Kit includes all necessary to perform Very High Resolution (24 bit resolution) geoelectric surveys through multielectrode method in multichannel mode, which allows to drastically reduce recording time in 3D surveys. Instrument can manage 48 electrodes without using expansion boxes. Kit includes all necessary for V.E.S. (Vertical Electric Surveys) surveys including data processing software.

48 electrodes kit includes:

- n.1 resistivity meter X612EM 48 electrodes

- n.2 geoelectric cables 24 takeouts, 3 mt spacing

- n.48 stainless steel electrodes

- n.48 cables for electrodes connection

- n.1 cables case

- n.1 USB 4 Gb memory

- n.2 pens for touch screen display

- n.1 12 V power supply box

- n.1 battery charger

- Software ZondRes for electric tomography data processing

- Software EmLab for generation of multielectrode sequences