True Color Sensors

Product Announcement from ams Sensors Germany GmbH

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MAZeT introduces the next generation of color sensors for color detection and measurement of the JENCOLOR product family.

The MTCS true color sensor, based on the standard spectral value function CIE 1931 (DIN ISO 13655 and DIN 5033), makes it possible to measure tristimulus color values with the visual sensitivity of the human eye.

  • Detection/ measurement of colors more accurately and much faster than human eye
  • low dark current
  • Signal input frequencies >100 kHz
  • RoHS compliant
  • XYZ color values
  • Calibration in system L*a*b

Typical Applications:

  • Conceptual visualization and management of color and white metrics
  • Low-cost color measurement
  • Colorimeter (measurement and calibration e.g. display screen)
  • Illumination management (Backlight displays, video projectors and more)
  • LED lighting management & feedback control
  • Control of colored light sources


About us

MAZeT GmbH is a leading provider of Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services. We are specialized in the development of customer- and application-specific integrated circuits and embedded systems, while utilizing modern technologies. LED light regulation, color measurement or metrology tasks are application examples for our JENCOLOR spectral- & color sensor solutions.

Our target markets are the medical engineering, automation engineering and industrial metrology.

Flexibility and innovative strength in responding to our customers' needs, along with a defined commitment to quality, delivery reliability, service, and partner transparency have provided the platform for continuously and successfully developing business since the year of our foundation 1992.

“The satisfaction of our customers and mutual economic success of all partners are the main goals of our business.”


MAZeT offers products for specific applications in the field of measurement, control and automation engineering - like customized ICS, sensors and components. Our products comply with known standards and are available as OEM units for customer system integration. MAZeT products are known for high quality manufacturing standards.


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Together with our partners we meet technical, quality and delivery time requirements. Satisfied and successful customers are our best reference and the basis for long-term business relations.



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“The satisfaction of our customers and mutual economic success of all partners are the main goals of our business.”