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High-performance plastic bushings and bearings

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Wear-resistant plastic materials for bushings and bearings
Our engineering plastics are used across industries to produce high-performance bushings and bearing that reduce part failure and improve performance in conditions ranging from steamy processing environments to full underwater submersion.

High-performance plastic bushings and bearings
Bushings and bearings are mechanical components that reduce friction between other moving parts, facilitating motion and preventing premature wear. For this reason, materials for bushings and bearings must exhibit low friction, a reliable wear rate, and adequate load bearing capabilities.

Our advanced engineering materials help eliminate common challenges across applications using bushings and bearings. From noise reduction, to self-lubrication, to more reliable wear behavior, bushings and bearings made from our thermoplastic materials offer improved performance over metals as well as an extended service life. Our machining capabilities also enable our materials to meet tight tolerances common to such parts.

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Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic materials in the form of semi-finished products and finished parts. The company has locations in 21 countries and more than 2,800 employees. Its specialty engineering thermoplastics and composites are superior in performance to metals and other materials and are used in a wide range of applications, primarily in the capital goods industry. The company is continuously developing new areas of applications in close cooperation with industry leaders in a broad variety of customer markets. The Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Group is well prepared to further expand its market leadership position.