Laser Processing Software - Seamless Integration

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FARO’s high-performance laser marking software products are made to improve productivity in high-speed automation environments. Our easy-to-use WinLase® packages integrate seamlessly with our controllers. Run multiple laser markers simultaneously with one computer for faster, more efficient output. Intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface (UI) and SDK packages available.

  • WinLase delivers ease of use with powerful functions. WinLase enables customization of user interfaces. Translation program allows local language support.
  • Powerful, true 3D capabilities for marking on contoured surfaces.
  • WinLase offers easy configuration of laser parameters for specific lasers. Combine with LEC controllers, WinLase offers laser marking control over Ethernet to meet high-speed customized laser marking challenges for today’s smart factory environments. EtherNet/IP compatible for real-time automation.

FARO’s WinLase LAN Software and LEC-1 Embedded Controller together create a powerful environment in which a single computer can control an array of smart laser marking devices.

A robust, multi-threaded, and high performance laser marking solution, WinLase Professional simplifies management of pulsed fiber lasers, which require Serial Script Text files for laser control.

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