The HC seal, Purge-Free Shaft Sealing

Featured Product from MECO Shaft Seals

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The MECO HC Seal model is ideal for screw conveyors/scrolls, small blenders, bucket elevators, and similar rotating equipment used in bulk process industries. The HC Seal model is used on horizontal, inclined and vertical shafts for unsplit installations.

 How Does the HC Seal Model Work

The HC Seal replaces standard waste pack housings. It is made with a heavy, metal or FDA nylon housing that cannot be crushed by an over-tightened flange bearing. Two replaceable stainless steel stationary seal faces attach to the seal housing. Inside is a rotating seal face assembly, consisting of replaceable rotors and drive elastomer. The elastomer and rotors interlock, forming an air and watertight seal. The low-friction rotating seal faces are at right angles to the shaft and in full contact with the stationary seal faces.

Around the driving elastomer is a stainless steel hose clamp to provide seal face loading. The seal is vented to atmosphere at an effective location to monitor seal performance.