M Series Laboratory Spectrometers

Product Announcement from MIDAC Corporation

M Series Laboratory Spectrometers-Image

M Series spectrometers provide a full range of resolution, from 2cm -1 for routine analysis up to 0.5cm -1 for high resolution work such as gas and multicomponent analysis. The generous sample compartment is accessible from three sides and accepts sampling accessories from most major suppliers. With solid design, smart software, and versatile options for sample interfacing including a beam output port, M4000 spectrometers can enhance the productivity of virtually any laboratory.


  • Rugged interferometer
  • Advanced mirror drive electronics providing two different scan speeds
  • Monoque construction similar to airframes
  • Rugged optics and superior resistance to shock and vibration
  • Fast, accurate, reliable results. Resolution up to 0.5 cm -1.
  • All models are step selectable down to 32cm -1
  • Systems are available with different optical materials: KBr, ZnSe, BaF2, and more
  • Systems are available with different detectors: DTGS, liquid nitrogen cooled MCT, InSb, and more
  • Systems are available with your choice of GRAMS/32-Al software or Essential FTIR
  • Beam output port
  • Accepts sampling accessories from most major suppliers


  • Production and pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Student teaching laboratories
  • Quality control