Online FTIR Gas Analysis System

Product Announcement from MIDAC Corporation

Online FTIR Gas Analysis System-Image

MIDAC Corporation has developed a fast, highly sensitive Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer or FTIR spectrometer to simultaneously measure both contaminant concentrations at very low levels and process gases at very high levels. MIDAC systems have earned a reputation for ruggedness, reliability, and proven low maintenance in installations around the world. The FTIR analyzes the most aggressive gases and delivers real time results in applications previously considered intractable. Using cells which can be heated to 250C, it has measured stack gases, carbon sequestration processes, perfluoro/perchloro carbons and highly reactive streams such as sulfur and ammonia or hot wet HCL. Systems can be housed in NEMA 4x Class I Div 2 intrinsically safe enclosures. Turnkey sampling systems using up to 40 lines are adapted for each application. One instrument can fill the role of multiple CEMS and requires only one lifetime calibration. The MIDAC process monitor avoids the problems of saturation, long measurement time, and high maintenance associated with gas chromatography instruments. Accuracy is in the +- 2% range using validated EPA methods.

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