Protective Coatings for Carbon Products

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Pyroid® Protective Coatings for Carbon Products
MINTEQ® International Inc, - ultra-pure, Pyroid® pyrolytic carbon coatings and SiC coating on traditional graphite provides high density, strength and hardness along with very low porosity that is virtually impermeable to fluids and gases.

Benefits of Pyroid® Protective Coatings for Carbon and Graphite Products
MINTEQ® International Inc, - Semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturers use a wide array of carbon and graphite products in the manufacturing process. During the process these products which include epitaxy susceptors, satellite platforms for the MOCVD, and other tooling are first subjected to an extreme deposition environment consisting of:

  • High temperature.
  • High vacuum.
  • Aggressive gaseous precursors.
  • Zero contamination requirements.
  • Long lasting exposure operations


Pyrolytic carbon and Silicon Carbide coatings are used in environments where it is necessary to avoid contaminants, particles and reactions which will interfere in the deposition
Pyroid® Protective Coatings offers both superior heat conduction and extremely high purity with very low porosity that is virtually impermeable to fluids and gases.

Pyroid® Pyrolytic Carbon coating is:
· Stable at high temperature and vacuum
And Provides:
· Uniform heat distribution throughout the tool and piece in the process


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