Pyroid Pyrolytic Graphite for Glass Industry

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Pyroid Pyrolytic Graphite for Glass Industry
Pyroid pyrolytic graphite material is a universal glass-handling material having exceptional heat resistance, strength, and durability with nonabsorption characteristics to perform under the most rigorous conditions without damaging the glassware. 

Pyrolytic Graphite
PYROID® pyrolytic graphite (PG) is a specialized, "five-nine" purity, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), carbon product grown atom-by-atom with unique thermal, electrical and chemical properties including superior EMI performance. These materials have applications where extreme temperature up to 6000°F (3300°C) and corrosive environments exist, conducting heat across its (a-b) planar surface like copper and insulating like ceramics in the (c) thickness direction. As a result of our proprietary finishing process we achieve extremely low particulates and chemical resistance to fluorine-based gases that provide solutions to problems in plasma and semi-conductor etching systems. In addition, PG has been determined to be highly diamagnetic, conducive to enhanced imaging process for medical applications.

The Pyrogenics Group provides parts and CNC machining, of diameters up to 18 in. (46 cm) and thickness up to 1 in. (2.5 cm). We supply PG in custom free standing as deposited shapes, having diameters up to 18 in. (46 cm) and varying wall thickness. Shapes can be manufactured such as cylindrical tubes, spherical domes, rods, plates, cones, and other intricate geometries.

Pyrogenics Technical Papers

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Minteq Pyrogenics Group
py•ro - (pi'• ro) prefix fr. Gk, Pyros, fire
gen•ic - (jen'• ik) a. source

The Pyrogenics Group is the technological leader in the production of engineered carbon based products for key industries requiring innovative material solutions.

These high-purity products offer unique thermal and physical properties that provide customer benefits in the form of extremely rapid thermal heat transport or heat spreading.

The Pyrogenics Group had its origins in the Space Age Materials Corporation (SAMCO), a research and development organization that focused on high-temperature materials and coatings for use in military and aerospace applications.

The production facility of The Pyrogenics Group is in Easton, Pennsylvania, a 90 minute drive from Philadelphia and New York City. The multi-building complex houses a variety of high temperature equipment including two-story production furnaces capable of producing Pyroid® pyrolytic graphite material from 0.001 to 1 inches thick (0.0025 to 2.5 cm), lengths over 48" long (120 cm), and widths up to 24" wide (60 cm).  Additional medium-sized furnaces and small pilot furnaces are available for lower production volumes or small scale prototype work.

Our furnaces are used on a regular basis for Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI) of pyrolytic carbon into carbon-carbon composites and special pyrolytic carbon coatings, and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), on graphite or similar substrates.

We are supported by a ISO certified, full-service, analytical lab for product certification and our CNC machine shop is fully equipped to finish every order to the customer's demanding tolerance specifications and quality requirements.