MISUMi New Simplified Adjustment Units

Product Announcement from MISUMI USA

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With the introduction of the new Z Axis Unit, MISUMI now offers a comprehensive family of Simplified Adjustment Units, designed for manual adjustment in less demanding positioning applications. The simplified units provide an economical alternative to building or purchasing the more complex and costly precision stages often required in automated positioning applications. The MISUMI line includes Feed Screw, Push Screw and Rack & Pinion feed mechanisms, and the products are offered in a variety of axis styles.

The MISUMI Z Axis Simplified Adjustment Unit (Part Number ZKB20) is a long-stroke, scaled post, vertical travel positioning device commonly used in manufacturing and assembly plants to make up-and-down height adjustments as needed in positioning devices such as jig fixtures, cameras, sensors, spray nozzles and the like. The units can also be used for slotted hole adjustments and setup changes.

Brackets for the ZKB20 Z Axis Scaled Post Simplified Adjustment Units are sold separately so that users can select bracket types that fit each installation surface (e.g., tabletop mounts, wall mounts).

Check it out - quick links to our  product line-up of X-Axis Simplified Adjustment Units:

  • (x-Axis) Sensor, Nozzel, head, etc. - Small envelope micro-adjustment, for batch setup, nesting and other applications.
    • XKNEJ - New Offering, Simplified Adjustment Units. Standard Series
    • XKNEF - Very Large Selection in table size
      and stroke. Standard type.
    • XKRG - Smooth and large pitch utilizing rack gears, 10mm/ revolution is the fastest of the series
    • XKS - 3.0mm/ revolution, Standard Large Lead Type
    • XANON  - Left and Right handed screw allows gripper-like movement.
    • XSEN - Low profile design - 9.5mm height ± 2.5mm stroke


MISUMI helps engineers take the guess work out of design with most products offering standard manufacturing times of 6 days or less and a 99.97% on-time delivery rating on all its products. In addition, MISUMI offers a helpful web site that allows engineers to download native CAD files as well as place orders for its entire product offering.