Rugged clamp cylinders & air grippers

Product Announcement from MISUMI USA

Rugged clamp cylinders & air grippers -Image

Rugged and versatile clamp cylinders and air grippers in a range of styles and sizes facilitate accurate and consistent part or work piece holding and handling.

MISUMI's three new product line additions include:

  • Clamp Cylinders, Compressed Air Types (MCCLA) are designed with crevices having concave knuckles for firm and secure holding. They are available in tube inner diameter sizes of 40 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm, with St Stroke selection of 75, 100 or 125. Also available for use with the clamp cylinders are Tie Rod Kits (MCCLT) and Mounting Brackets (MCCLK) for cylinder sensors. MISUMI provides a comprehensive guide to clamp cylinder selection in the 2011 print and online catalog.
  • Rotary Clamp Cylinders, Compressed Air Types (MKRCA) are square, compact cylinders with a built-in rotary (swing) clamping mechanism suitable for clamping small work pieces, such as electronic parts, in limited spaces. They offer high strength and rigid construction for enhanced durability and wear resistance, and are equipped with two guide grooves compatible with all diameters. The products are available in varying sizes and tube inner diameters. Also available are accessories, including cylinder sensors and brackets of various types (straight, U-shaped and square).
  • Compact Air Grippers, Parallel Type, Open/Close Stroke (ACHK, ACHE and ACHKM/Mechanical Type) are designed to perform precise work piece handling and pick-and-place functions in a wide range of automated assembly machines, testing and inspection devices. The high-rigidity products provide strong, secure gripping force, as well as consistent accuracy and repeatability. The compact grippers are available in single or double acting versions and in a range of sizes. MISUMI offers a comprehensive guide to air gripper selection in the 2011 print and online catalog.


MISUMI helps engineers take the guess work out of design with most products offering standard manufacturing times of 6 days or less and a 99.97% on-time delivery rating on all its products. In addition, MISUMI offers a helpful web site that allows engineers to download native CAD files as well as place orders for its entire product offering.