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Doublet achromatic lense AR coating 400-1100nm

Featured Product from MOK Optics Co., Ltd.

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An achromatic lens, also known as a doublet lens, is a type of lens designed to reduce chromatic aberration. It is a lens consisting of two cemented elements made of different materials. Chromatic aberration is a phenomenon in optics where different colors of light are focused at different distances, causing color fringes and blurring in images. The achromate lense offers superior correction of spherical aberration in monochromatic applicaitons. 


MOK Optics produces various of achromatic lenses with AR coating, the wavelength range from UV-VIS-NIR.


Materials we process:

–  Optical glass – CDGM, SCHOTT, OHARA, HOYA

–  UV grade fused silica – JGS1, Corning 7980 etc.

–  IR grade fused silica – JGS3, Corning 7979 etc.

–  IR crystals – Germanium, Sapphire, MgF2, CaF2, ZnSe, ZnS etc.


Our capabilities:


Diameter Range


Diameter tolerance


Tc tolerance


Clear aperture


Surface quality

  to 10-5


   to λ/8@632.8nm


   to 30 seconds


  AR coating

  according to customer design