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Mok Optics Narrow Bandpass Optical Filters

Featured Product from MOK Optics Co., Ltd.

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Product Introduction

MOK Optics offers a comprehensive selection of optical filters, including bandpass filters, longpass filters, IR cut filters, and UV cut filters, which are widely used in various industries from scientific research to photography. We can customize the filter size to meet specific needs, ensuring an accurate solution for each project.

Product Features

Narrow Bandpass Filters: Our product line includes BP610, BP760, BP850, etc., each filter is fine-tuned for a specific wavelength to achieve optimal performance.
Custom Specifications: We offer a variety of center wavelength (CWL) and half-width (FWHM) variants to ensure that the precise needs of different applications are met, ensuring consistency and reliability.
Wide Application Range: From beauty devices to astronomical optics, our filters are widely used in scientific, medical and analytical instruments, showing cross-industry versatility.
Stock Availability: Most filters are available from stock to simplify your procurement process. Contact us for stock status and to discuss your needs.

Application Scenarios

Scientific Research: Suitable for all types of spectral analysis and laboratory equipment.
Medical Instruments: Provide high-precision optical filtering in medical testing and diagnostic equipment.
Beauty Equipment: Used for optical processing of specific wavelengths in the beauty industry.
Astronomical Optics: Used in astronomical observation equipment to provide clear observation effects.
Photography: Improve the imaging quality of photographic equipment and meet professional photography needs.

Whether it is selection, research or production, MOK Optics' custom optical filters can provide the precision and flexibility you need for your project. Contact us today for more information and customized solutions.