Contract Sleeving

Service Detail from MPI Label Systems

Contract Sleeving-Image

MPI provides Contract Sleeving that can prove to be cost-effective for applying shrink sleeves to your manufactured products.

Our sleeving line offers both automated and manual application. The automated line consists of a shrink applicator, conveyor, and steam tunnel. The heat process (steam tunnel or hot air) allows the label to shrink to the contour of your product.

Shrink sleeve applications include:

  • Full body shrink sleeves
  • Tamper evident neck bands
  • Multi-packs, shrinking products together (clear or printed)

Our shrink applicator capability dimensions are 80mm - 160mm lay flat, and 50mm - 200mm cut length with the necessary tooling.

Contract Sleeving can be beneficial for:

  • Market testing for a new product
  • Inventory management
  • Eliminating purchase of equipment
  • Shrinking products together for special sales or promotions

MPI manufactures shrink sleeves, neckbands, preforms, and multi-pack bands. We also sell shrink applicators and steam tunnels.