Durable Labels - Compliance Labels

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MPI's Durable Labels (compliance labels) are the solution for manufacturers that are seeking to simplify the branding, regulatory, and instructional content on their products.

Particular attention is focused on substrates, face stocks, adhesives and the environment in order to deliver products that perform exactly as specified and all in a cost-effective manner.

Durable / Compliance labels retain legibility and graphic quality for the long term, withstanding moisture, cold, heat, UV exposure and abrasion. They also include special adhesives that bond well to varying surfaces and shapes.

Durable labels are ideal for:

• Brand Identification • Serial Numbers/Model Numbers
• Compliance • Certification (UL, CSA, CE)
• Warning/Instructional • Regulatory
• Control Panel • OEM Markings

Our durable labels are applied to a wide range of market segments that include:

• Appliances & Tools • Lawn & Garden
• Automotive • Medical
• Electronics • Office
• Industrial • Outdoor & Recreational