NFC Tags

Product Announcement from MPI Label Systems

NFC Tags-Image

NFC tag is part of RFID and operates in the 13.56 Mhz frequency. It communicates between a mobile phone with wireless technology & media content. NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

The tag can carry more data than barcodes, URLs or QR codes. They are more secure, can be password protected, and tracked to a specific person/account.

Those using the tags are brand owners, retailers, small businesses, telecom operators, games, transport companies, museums, venue owners, & entertainment providers.

Additional Uses

  • Facilitate two-way communication with consumers
  • Allow consumers to share experience with each other
  • Launch special promotions
  • Reinforce brand values & messages
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare services
  • Parking
  • School
  • Travel
  • VIP services

The advantages of NFC are no set up, improved customer service, secure transactions, short-range wireless connectivity, and increased revenues (value added service offerings).

Embedded NFC inlays can provide more information about individual products - information & services, consumer endorsements, user manuals, sustainability & recycling, and brand values. The content can be new functionalities, social networks, or entertainment & media.

Retail Experience

NFC gives brand owners & retailers an opportunity to work together, creating effective targeted sales promotions. Smart posters at entrances can make purchase suggestions to customers. Posters at the end of isles can provide information on current special offers.

Uses for Retail Experience

  • Target sales promotions
  • Make purchase suggestions
  • Provide more product information
  • Cross-sell
  • Provide discount vouchers for instant redemption
  • Create NFC loyalty applications for consumers

NFC Enabled Games & Toys

The tags can be used in game development for linking games to merchandising and activating gamers through dedicated social networking sites. Tags can be used in toys to entertain & educate.