QR Codes & MS Tags on Labels

Product Announcement from MPI Label Systems

QR Codes & MS Tags on Labels-Image

MPI can print QR codes & MS tags (Microsoft Tags) on labels. They provide a way to use links that can be scanned by a mobile phone. They contain information about your company or product.

Linked uses for QR & MS tags:

  • Send consumers to a web page
  • Promotional offers
  • Coupon or special sale
  • Video clips
  • Do-it-yourself help
  • Sell sheets
  • Newsletters

Who uses the QR Code & MS Tag on their labels?

Cosmetic Companies
Videos showing the product being used

Food Manufacturers
Recipes, coupons

Industrial Manufacturers
Training videos can be launched from the product label.

Wineries are providing information to consumers about the wine, vineyard, tasting notes and more. This provides them with more information than can go on a wine label. Shoppers can review this information as they are shopping.