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General Monitors S5000 Gas Detector

Featured Product from MSA Safety

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The General Monitors S5000 gas detector by MSA is as advanced as it is rugged, keeping plant and personnel safer for longer in the most demanding environments while offering the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

With the capability to have two sensor inputs in one transmitter, the S5000 doubles the coverage while minimizing wiring and foot print. It can be operated by magnet interface, a single touch button on the display, or via Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, up to 75 feet (23 meters) away.

The sensor offerings maximize lifetime and minimize maintenance. The S5000 can be equipped with class-leading XCell® sensors, the industry’s longest lasting and most tested catalytic bead, or low-maintenance infrared sensors. The S5000 also features breakthrough TruCal® technology on selected XCell toxic gas sensors. This innovation detects sensor failures without applying calibration gas and compensates for sensor drift due to environmental changes, providing the ultimate peace of mind to users.

When everything else fails, the General Monitors S5000 just works, all day, every day under the most extreme environments and conditions in the world.