MSA Ultima® OPIR-5 Open Path Gas Detector

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The infrared technology of the Ultima OPIR-5 Detector provides the unit with an ultra fast response time of T90 ≤ 3 seconds. Providing continuous monitoring of combustible hydrocarbon gas concentrations, the OPIR-5 Detector is an open path IR gas detector.

The system consists of an IR source and receiver which continuously monitor for lighter than air gases in both the 0 to 5000 ppm•meter and 0 to 5 LEL•meter range. A 0 to 2000 ppm•meter and 0 to 1 LEL•meter range are also available for monitoring heavier than air gases.

The infrared technology of the Ultima OPIR-5 Detector is contained in a 316 stainless steel enclosure, providing solid, dependable protection of the instrument even in harsh offshore conditions.

MSA is the world leader in fixed gas and flame detection.

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