MSA FlameGard® 5 MSIR Flame Detector

Featured Product from MSA - The Safety Company

Until now, plant engineers facing chronic false alarm problems have had to choose among accepting the costs of false alarms, changing the process, or installing complex redundant flame detection systems at a high cost and with high maintenance requirements. The FlameGard 5 MSIR Detector with its highly intelligent MSIR/NNT sensor addresses the shortcomings of today's typical flame detectors and is ideal for a wide range of applications in varied industries, including:

• Automotive

• Aerospace

• Chemical Plants

• Electric Power

• Food/ Beverage

• Offshore Platforms

• Oil/Gas Distribution

• Oil/Gas Refineries

• Pharmaceuticals

• Textile Manufacturing

• Warehouses

• Wood and Paper Plants

Combining a precision multi-spectral IR sensing array with highly intelligent neural network processors, the FlameGard 5 MSIR Detector reliably discriminates between actual flames and nuisance false alarm sources (such as arc welding or hot objects). The FlameGard 5 MSIR flame detector operates at a longer range with a wider field of view and at a higher level of accuracy for superior performance.