G-4083 Gyroscopes

Product Announcement from MTC Industries & Research Carmiel Ltd.

 G-4083 Gyroscopes-Image

Miniature, lightweight, one axis measuring, two-axis free gyroscope actuated by spring stored energy. Operates for at least 120 seconds. Specially designed to meet the need for short & medium range, high acceleration missions. The G-4083 has a single potentiometer measuring roll angles. Inner and outer gimbals have freedom of 360°. A remote electrical pulse is used to actuate a pressure squib for uncaging the spring. Suitable, in particular, tank gun launched shells rotating at least at 5 rps, for man-portable anti-armor/anti-tank missiles, air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs and for many other applications. See electrical diagram in pdf data sheet. The G-4083 has various applications mainly incorporated in Air to Ground & Ground to Ground Missiles.