Single Phase Matrix Filter®

Product Announcement from MTE Corporation

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Harmonic distortion has become an increasing concern for

power companies, industrial, and residential users of electrical (especially electronic) equipment and specifying engineers alike. Harmonics

disrupt communication equipment, degrade electronic reliability, reduce system efficiency and equipment productivity.

Advanced Patented Harmonics solution provides best value and highest protection

Matrix Single Phase filters allow users to achieve superior attenuation of harmonics when used with single phase drives or 4 pulse

power supplies. The new patent pending reactor optimizes the technology for smaller packaging requiring less floor or panel

space than other filter schemes. Matrix filters, provide protection against voltage spikes that could cause over voltage tripping or

damage to input power components while preventing current harmonics from adversely affecting upstream circuit breakers,

fuses, conductors, and transformers.

Guaranteed results

Unlike other harmonic filter technologies, the performance of MTE Matrix

Harmonic Filters is guaranteed! On AC variable frequency, variable

torque drive applications (fans & pumps), Matrix filters will meet the guaranteed maximum levels of THID (total harmonic current distortion) at full

load. Additionally, Matrix filters will not cause power system resonance

nor attract harmonics from other non-linear loads. .

No system analysis is required to select and apply Matrix Filters

UL Listed (UL-508)

Matrix Harmonic filters are UL Listed

(File E180243) for both USA and Canada.


Product Selection: See TR-1705 for M1 Matrix Series B selection guides and option details.

Installation Options: Matrix Harmonic Filters are available in a variety of enclosure options. The standard enclosure meets

the requirements of both Nema 1 & Nema 2. The Nema 3R provides weather protection and is available in optional stainless

or galvanized steel construction. Optional Serpent /rodent screens can be added to block small animals from entering

enclosures. For maximum flexibility,Matrix filters are also offered asopen modular constructionforintegration into customer enclosures and panels.

Electrical Options: Various contactor options may be added to provide for load dependent leading KVARcancellation to

enhance compatibility with standby power and support service requirements.

Typical uses include:

Mission critical facilities

AC variable frequency drivesDC adjustable speed drivesElectronic welders

Battery chargersFans and Pumps

Water Treatment Facilities

Induction heating equipment

Product Specifications Single Phase Matrix filter

Refer to The Single Phase Matrix M1 Series B User Manual for Detailed Specifications

Matrix Filters are designed to operate and will achieve guaranteed 12% Single Phase Matrix Filterperformance under the following Service Conditions: Harmonic Spectrum for 100% Load

Load: 4 pulse rectifier, capacitor based DC bus and inverter drive loads

Input voltage: Nominal voltage VAC +/- 10%, 1 Phase

Maximum harmonic background voltage distortion: 1%

Frequency: Nominal Frequency + /- 0.75 Hz

Maximum source impedance: 6.00%

Minimum source impedance: 1.5%

Service Factor: 1.00

Ambient Temperature ( *Operating)

*Enclosed Filters: -40 to +40 degrees C

THID, % Harmonic Current, %