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At MXD Process, we excel in the end-to-end process of designing, engineering, and fabricating all our custom processing equipment in-house. Our skilled team of fabricators work to ensure that each project precisely meets the required specifications. From small-scale laboratory mixers and stirrers to large-scale stainless steel processing tanks exceeding 10,000 gallons, we maintain a cohesive approach to deliver exceptional results.


While we handle the majority of fabrication processes internally, there are instances where certain components are sourced externally. To guarantee the highest quality and comprehensive solutions for our customers, we establish direct collaborations with reputable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These partnerships enable us to procure top-notch parts at competitive prices, ensuring the overall excellence of our products.

At MXD Process, we are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to meet your processing equipment needs. Our integrated capabilities, including in-house fabrication and strategic partnerships with OEMs, ensure that every piece of equipment we deliver exemplifies precision, durability, and reliability. Trust us to deliver tailor-made solutions that go beyond industry standards, offering optimal performance and longevity for your processing operations.