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ALPHA OM-220 Ultra-low Temperature Solder Paste

Featured Product from MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

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ALPHA OM-220 innovative chemistry enables peak reflow temperatures below 150°C, making it ideal for soldering heat sensitive components and sub-assemblies.  ALPHA OM-220 permits cascaded / hierarchical soldering, as well as novel hermetic sealing solutions. This technology is well suited for a broad range of end use applications including computers, smartphones, various consumer electronics, in-cabin automotive electronics, and medical devices.

Key Benefits:

  • Low reflow peak temperature < 150 °C
  • Enables use of lower cost substrates & components
  • Reduction of warpage (component & substrate) vs SAC process
  • Excellent electrical reliability; passes JIS Z 3197 & J-STD-004B SIR testing
  • Exhibits low voiding characteristics; passes IPC Class 3 voiding on BGA components
  • Halide-free & zero-halogen compliant