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Empower Electronic Assembly w/Innolot® MXE Alloy

Featured Product from MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

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In the rapidly evolving electronics industry, where innovation drives progress, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is committed to setting a new standard.

We are pleased to introduce ALPHA Innolot MXE, a revolutionary alloy meticulously engineered to address the critical needs of enhanced reliability and performance in modern electronic assemblies. 

Advancing Performance with Innolot MXE

Innolot MXE represents a significant breakthrough in reliability, offering enhanced thermomechanical performance to meet the increasing rigorous demands of electronic assemblies. Surpassing traditional options like SAC305 and other high-reliability alternatives, Innolot MXE delivers exceptional thermal cycling, vibration, and drop shock performance. In addition, it achieves high creep-fatigue resistance, through a refined microstructure, making it ideal for the most demanding ruggedized applications. With its unparalleled combination of features, Innolot MXE is ready to usher in the next generation of excellence in electronic assembly.

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