Systek UVF 100 copper electroplating system

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Systek UVF 100 is a high performance 2 in 1 copper electroplating system for the build-up of IC substrate redistribution layers (RDL). The process is the latest addition to the Systek family of IC substrate manufacturing solutions. Systek UVF 100 is a pattern plating bath that simultaneously fills micro vias and plates traces providing an excellent base for layer build-up. The process can fill blind micro vias and laser drilled X-vias of the scales found in IC substrates reliably, with dimples of less than 5µm and overfill of less than 3µm. The coplanarity of surface features plated by the process is excellent, and trace profiles are consistently controlled to provide enhanced electrical performance of the layer.

Innovations in the Systek UVF 100 Process:

  • Coplanar 2 in 1 plating on organic substrates. Typical R-values well below 2µm enabling highly coplanar RDL build-up on organic substrates.
  • Exceptional via filling performance. Filled via surfaces are controlled within specifications, eliminating dielectric layer thinning concerns.
  • Trace profile consistency. All traces plated have consistent trace profiles of less than 15%  for controlled impedance of the layer.
  • Complete CVS analysis for all additives. Allows for worry free operation, greatly increasing quality and consistency of performance.