Full Scale Witness and Test Facility

Featured Product from Macawber Group

In over 28 years at our facility in eastern Tennesee our engineers have successfully tested hundreds of products including abrasive foundry sand, industrial ash and dusts, friable peanuts and cheese puffs, chemical resins, lumpy coal, sugar, cement, and the list goes on. This experience continues to provide the most efficient solutions to our customer's material handling challenges.

Many of our customers arrange for us to carry out conveying tests in our dedicated test facility. You may be somewhat skeptical that Macawber Technology can pneumatically convey your bulk material at such low velocities, you may have had problems conveying your material in the past, or you may want to definitively establish rate capabilities, air consumption requirements or product integrity due to to the extremely low degradation. All of this and more can be reported to you by our engineers, specifically for your product and/or witnessed by you at our Maryville Campus.