Media Recovery Systems - Shot Blast

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Blast Recovery, Renovation and Recirculation

Automatic recovery of blast media for resizing and cleaning before recirculation to a storage hopper for refilling of blast cleaning pressure vessel.

Macawber offers a proven packaged system that enables a clean recovery and renovation of spent blast medial. Also cleaning and accurate renovation of the material after removal of the wasted fine blast media, This is achieved with an advanced mechanical vibrating deck mechanical separator. System control is achieved at one Nema 4 control panel where the entire system is displayed for safe operator control of the system package.

General Arrangements

Spent material is manually swept to a conveniently located ground hopper with safety grid from which it is automatically removed by a low velocity dense-phase positive pressure conveying sub system to a 3 ton capacity storage hopper. The spent blast material is control fed by gravity through a Dome Valve to a mechanical vibrating deck separator where fines are removed for disposal.

The renovated media at the correct particle size is fed to a second low velocity dense-phase conveying sub system for transfer to a storage hopper which is mounted above the blasting machine through a second Dome Valve.

The operator has full control of transfer and cleaning rates while overfilling of hoppers is prevented by high level probes where required. For example transfer and renovation of media may take place simultaneously while shot cleaning is in progress.

Operator Control and extreme operator safety protocol is mandatory with all Macawber Systems

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