Pneumatic Conveying for Minerals & Chemicals

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Mineral and Chemical Processing Conveyor Systems

High tonnage rates and long conveying distances are a hallmark of the minerals industry. And in many places, increased environmental regulations are leading mining operations to consider new ways of managing a plant or mining site. We have the ability to provide pneumatic conveying systems which will solve your material handling needs in conjunction with environmental regulations.

In plants all over the world, we have had the opportunity to prove, again, the efficacy of our systems to work in dirty and harsh mining and minerals applications. Our robust systems have proved well equipped to handle difficult requirements.


Key Features:

  • Low-velocity, dense-phase pneumatic conveying system that uses the least air for conveying. Air consumption is the chief measurement for energy consumption.
  • Dust-less, enclosed operation keeps the environment clean. No more dust spillage.
  • Low material velocity (compared to dilute phase), means far less wear and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Controls are integrated and automated; the machine only operates when signaled. Remains at rest when not in use.
  • Material-to-air ratio is higher than with dilute phase. This is another indication of efficiency.
  • Proven design and technology, first developed in 1974.

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