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Ash Conveying Systems Brochure

The Ashveyor is an ash conveying system for your ESP and Baghouse ash handling needs. Short machine size is ideal for low-headroom applications and retrofit. Designed to operate as a multiple-vessel system on one conveying line. This is unique to industry and has proved incredibly effective - even with ash at high temperatures.

Key Features:

  • Multiple feed points on one conveying line, ideal for ESP or baghouse applications.
  • Dust-less, fully enclosed system eliminates dust spillage. Environmentally responsible.
  • Efficient and simple controls; system operates on demand only.
  • 10 ESP feed points can be handled on just one conveying line. Dramatically reduces piping requirements.
  • All ash and combustion by-products can be handled; coal ash, BIOMASS ash, steel smelter dust ash.

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Macawber Engineering, Inc. specializes in the design and engineering of low-velocity, dense-phase pneumatic conveying systemsfor all bulk materials in industry. We understand how to handle materials that are fragile, abrasive, moist, lumpy or hot. These types of materials can not be handled efficiently by dilute-phase systems or cleanly by mechanical type systems.

We also design and manufacture pressure valves - including the Dome Valve capable of operating in harsh and abrasive environments; pressure vessels to many world-wide standards; and shot blast systems featuring media recovery. We have over 35 years of experience with tens of thousands of installations in all types of process industries worldwide.

We provide the most environmentally responsible and energy efficient pneumatic conveying solutions in industry.

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