OEM Flow Meter Solutions - Macnaught USA

Product Announcement from Macnaught USA, Inc.

New Macnaught Fuel Additive case study highlights the small installed footprint that is a key benefit when considering your next flow meter choice.

Macnaught is the Global Leader in Oval Gear Flowmeter innovation and has provided the market Positive Displacement Oval Gear products since 1964.

We offer 1/4" thru 4" in Aluminum or Stainless Bodies with AL/SS/PPS Rotors.

PPS Bodies are available in 1/4" and 1" sizes and used in harsh chemical applications.

Pulse / 4-20mA / Intrinsically Safe / Explosion Proof outputs

We carry a large stock of meters in our Tampa, FL DC for immediate delivery.

Non stock meters are typically delivered in 5-7 business days and come complete with a respective application fluid K factor certfication.